Empire: The Brick and Mortar Boutique You Will Love!

I was enjoying a nice stroll on a sunny day in Kent last week and popped into the wonderfully unique boutique, Empire. This place is great, they offer a variety of things from jewelry, henna products, clothing and accessories, and even couture chocolates! These chocolates were unbelievable to gaze at, the designs were so detailed and intricate that I couldn’t imagine eating them. The flavors were also out of this world! They ranged from Irish Cream to “I Love Peanut Butter”, blueberry truffle and so many more!

Walking in and browsing the store, I noticed that Empire’s products all seem to circulate around spirituality, comfort, and finding your zen or place of peace. A lot of the jewelry came with small pieces of paper explaining the importance of the piece or the meaning of the icon, so that you could choose what you wanted by what it represented.

For those of you with gauged ears, Empire holds a beautiful selection of bone and horn jewelry. Organic henna hair dye was also available, for safer hair treatment. I also loved that Empire sold local artists’ work, I appreciate anybody who is willing to support their community and those living in it! If you live in Kent, I suggest taking the time to check out Empire and pick up some chocolates or one of a kind gifts, or even make your way to the back of the store and get a psychic reading! To see what Empire is all about if you aren’t local, check out their website here!


Stop Motion Short Film!

Check out my self-made stop motion film “A Morning with My Roommate.” Stop motion videos are so much fun to do, but very time consuming. I took over 700 photos to create this 4 minute short film, including music by Animal Collective and The Blow.

More tiny muses on a sunny spring day

My morning and afternoon has been spent out on my balcony, relishing the sunshine that came with first official day of spring! I’ve been enjoying some coffee while listening to some tunes, sketching and keeping my eyes peeled for tiny muses.

It’s fun to look around and see all the wonderful things in life that are woven! Textiles rule!

A simple breakdown of plain weave in my rocking chair!

Tonight’s Muse, Cat Stevens on Vinyl

Cat Stevens’ Tea for the Tillerman, is helping me move right along with my knitting tonight. This has become one of my favorite albums that I have on vinyl, it has compassionate lyrics and sound. That’s enough to get me smiling and picking up my next project.

I hope you guys find this album just as encouraging to work along to as I do!

Support Local Artists!

The Kent State University Downtown Gallery has been hosting its Spring Sale from March 7-24th. For those of you that are in the area, come check it out! My work along with tons of other wonderful student and faculty pieces are for sale! The Spring Sale ends next Saturday, so hurry over and pick up some great local work!

These coaster sets and can cozies plus more are for sale and handmade by me at the Downtown Gallery!